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Clifford's partial build

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Well guys, I don't have any stock photos but all post what I have . pic 1: 08 4x4 coils and 2 1/2 strut spacer up front. Stock rear end. pic 2,3,4,5,6 : up in Prescott driving some trails and getting some cool shots. pic 7: 2 1/2 strut spacer and 08 4x4 coils.pic 8: finally got rid of the 08 coils and got some 4 inch maxtrac lift spindles pic 9: just cause it's cool :) pic 10,11 pavilions Titan meet.

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The 4 wheeler is red too Lol.

Get the rest of the Titan guys here too.  We are going big with the AZ club this year!

nice build BTW!

Diggin the custom paint and the red headlights. Cool deal ;D

The way the front sits made me do a double take, it seemed like a Titan that had been Titan Swapped ;D

Definitely a recognizable machine, awesome!

pics 1-6 out by canyon race way hitting some trails and flexing. pics 7-10 after the install of a 2 inch rear block and billistien 5125spics 11-18 were taken after the install of stock headlights and the tire carrier 19 and 20 are of my dog Duke and flagstaff for new years.

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All pre-runner style now, that is cool ;D


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