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Still have a lot of mods to do, but heres the beginning. I will keep updated as the mods come...

Year- 2012
Model-Titan SV CC 2wd
Color- Red Alert

Current Mods:

·Black & machined 18x9 MB Chaos wheels with +25mm offset.
·2" billet leveling kit (bought from another member on titantalk).
·325/60-18 Toyo Open Country AT2 extremes.
·5% window tint over facorty tint.

Future Mods... Hopefully near future.

·Maxtrac 4" spindles.
·Rough Country UCAs
·Bilstien 5100's at all 4 corners.
·Airaid MXP 4" intake.
·Gibson Metal Mulisha Exhaust.
·Tru Trac.
·Bora Bulletproof 1.5" wheel adapters.
·Color match grille, front bumper, & rear bumper.

To be continued...

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Was that first pic from the lot when it was bought?

It looks like we like our Titans red here ;D

Awesome post ;D

Yes sir. That was the night I got it. 11/24/2012. Red adds 20 hp. ;D

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Ahh hell another red Titan!


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